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“Ricardo is the best dentist I've ever had! It is warm, friendly and understands my needs! I have the most beautiful smile in the world thanks to him and not just for my teeth”


"When you are at your fifties, you gain advantages over the rest of the young world, one of them is the ability of evaluation and appreciation of the professionals that surround you. It is no longer fashion, image or status that may surprise you, it is human essence, real ability, talent and commitment of excellence that you can admire, qualities that Ricardo shares and teaches to his team day to day. For almost six years, I have been a patient and witness of Grupo Bosques Dental where Dr. Ricardo Mitrani forms a concept of honest, human medicine and a very high level of excellence"


"Fabulous attention from beginning to end. Excellent quality in both professional and human"


"I had very bad experiences before, but when I arrived at GDB I felt that I arrived at the ideal place.I am very happy with my veneers, it has been very fast and effective process. I'm really delighted. Now I already smile, talk and feel safer"


"When the moment of truth arrives, you realize that GDB you surpassed all your expectations because the result is unbeatable. My recovery was fast and the feeling of well-being is continuous, then you realize that you are in very good hands"


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